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#1 2005-08-01 01:08:30

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Extremely pissed! Ideas fixing scratch? updated with pics

I am in the bay area, I was at a berkeley andronico's for about 15min, and then come to see a huge scratch on my 92x, man I was ready to kick someone's ass but had no clue who did it, judging from the lines of the scratches(pretty deep), either some dumb ass hit me or a shopping cart hit it...instead of being pissed off and hot headed, I need to find a solution...suggestions anyone?  And aside from that, there are some other light scractches prolly from some asshole slamming their door on the car...I'm so disappointed because the car isn't even broken in 800miles

I was thinking about getting some touch up paint and then polish with one of those spinning things...not sure what they're called, but I don't have one, anyone around this area might have one that can be loaned to me?  Otherwise any ideas what else I can do to fix it?  thanks very much in advance...

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#2 2005-08-01 03:31:19

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Re: Extremely pissed! Ideas fixing scratch? updated with pics

Sorry to hear about what happened.  I just found a pretty big dimple/ding on my miata and was pretty mad too...  but the miata is a beater car... I'd be much more pissed if it was the saab.

Can you take a picture of the scratches and post (it may be hard to get a good picture)?  It will depend if the scratch is through the paint to the metal... or if it's not that deep then it is possible to buff the scratch down somewhat.   If a picture isn't possible then let me know with a better description of the scratch and what color (white or metal color?) and how deep and how long. 

You may be able to take out some of the scratch by hand with a microfiber towel and some scratch-x or rubbing compound or something similar...  Otherwise, I do have a machine polisher but I won't be available for the next few weekends

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