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#1 2021-05-10 18:33:11

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Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going Old School (for real)

I presently have four cars  - two '05 92x's (100k miles on the automatic - Virginia car until a yearish ago, stock and in super shape, and 185K miles on the 5 spd - engine rebuilt about 1500k miles ago, some rust starting),  a '16 WRX (just under 50k miles and still under warranty, but all paid off), and a '09 Kia Sedona (only 65000k miles - a present from my elderly parents - it will probably last forever).  Anyway, I'm in my 50's, and my youngest is off to college, so we have 4 cars for my wife and me.  Too many cars, and only I drive to work now, with a few long trips a year. 

So, what do we sell?  My wife and I decided that, naturally...the WRX goes!  It was to be my daily driver through retirement in a few years, but the 92x's are actually MORE fun for me (the WRX is almost sterile, and drives "too smoothly/well" if that makes any sense).

I know the 92x's aren't going to last as long as that WRX, but we've decided to sell (I already have a buyer lined up).  It's not like we need the money the Subaru will bring in (well, it is a big chunk of change), and maybe I'll be driving the van everywhere in 5 years and cursing my decision, but for now I'M GOING OLD SCHOOL (plus, I can use some of that chunk coming in to keep everything going with the Saabs).  My wife is fine with this decision (she likes the 92x's, too).  Ah, simple pleasures...

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#2 2021-05-10 22:14:08

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Re: Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going Old School (for real)

Great story.  I have, um, 5 cars myself and the newest is 2008, oldest is 1992.  I love them all for different reasons and for the most part they all run great.  I can afford new cars but don't see any reason to.  There is zero desire to get into something newer when your hobby is keeping cars looking and working well.



#3 2021-05-10 23:09:46

From: Arizona
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Re: Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going Old School (for real)

Relabel this thread, “Old dudes who love their not-new cars† and count me in as one.  driving

The misses has an ‘06 Mini S (‘the last of the superchargers’ movie?) and she won’t let it go.

Our black 4EAT is going to college this fall and hopefully survives. If not… parts.

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#4 2021-05-11 10:10:53

From: NW Indiana
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Re: Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going Old School (for real)

I'm not an old dude at 30, but I just picked up a 2005 STi. Isn't as comfy as my 2016 GTI and 2012 4Runner that I had, but this one definitely puts a smile on my face every time I get into it!

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#5 2021-05-11 14:50:37

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From: Kennesaw, GA
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Re: Call Me Crazy, But I'm Going Old School (for real)

I'm definitely an old dude, and we haven't had a car payment since 2017....  Both cars looking good and running well, the SLK actually has about half the mileage of the Equinox (45K vs 85K).  The SLK looks like new except for some drivers seat bolster wear and some stone chips on the front bumper.  The Equinox's paint looks like new, but the chrome trim is pitting and the drivers seat has a tear in it.  Both cars look awesome when detailed (well the E looks awesome from 20'.....)

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