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#1 2021-05-04 12:06:01

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HVAC Blower Motor Replacement

To make a long story short.
My HVAC blower motor stopped working. I checked the voltage at the connection and it was 12V when I turned the fan on.
Aero model with auto climate control but I think this would work for all models. I've seen other post on here people looking for the assembly. If you go to "insert auto store or Subaru dealer name here" they show a full lower blower assembly with fan and motor for $150 to $250+. I saw a youtube video for subaru where the guy modded the assembly for a different motor/fan and in the comments there was other discussions that lead me to post.

A new blower motor that works is from a Nissan. "blower motor from the 2001-2007 Nissan X-Trail (not even sold in the US, maybe Canada) is the same. The part number is
27225-8H31C. There's a bunch of other numbers that reference the same part, but I had the most luck with that one." - NASIOC (linked at end).
I bought one from Amazon for $18.80 but it is no longer available. Just search Amazon for 27225-8H31C and it should be $20-$50 hopefully.

You need to remove the lower part of the assembly to replace the motor.
- Remove glove box (like 8-10 screws plus a plastic screw in the door jam). You would do this step to replace the cabin air filter so I recommend doing that at the same time.
- Remove the lower assembly. Disconnect the fan electrical and pull out the resistor (I couldn't get it to disconnected so I just undid the 2 screws and pulled the resistor down).
- Remove Qty 2 10mm bolts holding the lower assembly.
- Remove cabin air filter door.
- Pry plastic clips and pull down on lower assembly it should pull down.
- Remove the plastic cap/foam on the motor side.
- Remove Qty 1 Phillips head bolt holding the motor.
- Gently pull the fan around the perimeter to extract the fan and motor from the lower housing (it is a tight fit but should pull out. You might also be able to pry with a screwdriver by the electrical connector)
- Remove the fan with an 8mm socket.
- Insert new blower motor and reinstall Phillips head screw.
- Re-attache the fan with 8mm nut.
- Essentially install in reverse should be pretty straight forward.

I found it a pain to put the assembly back together. I pulled down the upper assembly but you cannot put it together outside of the car because a bracket is in the way. So, connect the upper and lower assembly under the dash and then try to align with the cabin air filter assembly. Or try to only remove and install the lower fan assembly (I also found that hard to line up the pins/clips).

Anyway... I was happy to find a DIY solution for under $50 considering Subaru would want $200+ for the part and at least 1 hour labor.

Happy fixing...  driving
Ref Link: … ?t=2605870

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