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#1 2021-02-23 19:43:15

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Prova side and rear view mirrors for GD (ours) Subarus

If you've wanted some of the Prova mirrors for your Saabaru and you didn't buy them years ago then you've been shit out of luck for some time.  I've run a set of yellow side view mirrors for a long time.  They help cut down on nighttime headlight glare and just look awesome.  They do have the reverse of the normal convex/concave setup as they are JDM.  Takes a little getting used to.
Anyway, if anyone wants a set of side view or rearview Prova mirrors, a group buy is going on now for a new run of the mirrors from Prova direct.  They are offering the standard yellow and blue colors and if enough folks (30) request it, they are offering a new purple color as well.  If you want to be included in the group buy, then join this FB group and check out the announcements for the group buy.  But hurry, it may close as early as end of this week (not totally clear).

Old pics of the side mirrors installed (I took the original mirrors off and permanently glued these on, no issues in over 10 years)

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