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#1 2020-08-06 19:10:29

Chairman Meow
From: Denver
Registered: 2011-01-05
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Good place for tune up in Denver?

Howdy YA'll!

Just moved up to denver and I need to get my 92x aero back on the road. 

Does anyone have any good mechanics they'd suggest?

It's been off the road for a year or two while I was living in NYC, so I'd like to get it tuned up, I figure i'd ship it to a good shop and have them do a bit of a tune up on it, and  also get the odometer stuff done and what not. do I get inspections with a turboback?!...

I heard out of Denver there's no emissions?  Is it best to bring it right outside of denver?

Looking to get my ride back on the road!!!

Also if anyone knows any good shipping companies let me know.



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#2 2020-08-07 11:19:29

From: Denver, CO
Registered: 2012-03-10
User Number: 7123
Posts: 2149

Re: Good place for tune up in Denver?

What do you mean by 'get the odometer stuff done and what not'?

I don't use mechanics much these days, but I like the Subaru Clinic (aka New Way Auto Solutions) in Broomfield. They're a good group of guys and reasonable rates. They know what to do with the Saabaru (i.e. don't get caught up with the Saab badge).

Re: inspections - you really have no turbo back exhaust on your car? That would be so loud as to make you nauseous just idling in a matter of minutes I would you mean you have an aftermarket turbo back? If it doesn't have any catalytic converters, there is no way it will pass emissions. If it does, it might pass - depends on the quality/condition of the cats and whether the guy doing the visual inspection is an idiot or not - my success rate has been about 50/50 with the visual inspection. If you pass the sniffer test but fail the visual, you can take it to another station and hope they skip the visual there (they often do if the sniffer passes).

Outside of Denver they are absolutely doing emissions testing. There are many counties that don't (generally all the less populous ones which are indeed away from the Denver metro area), but you also can't just pick wherever you want in the state to get tested. You have to abide by the rules of wherever the car is going to be registered. So, if your address will be in the Denver metro area, you will have to take it to one of the 14 AirCare Colorado testing stations in the Denver metro area. There, they will put your car on an AWD dyno, hook up a chemical sniffer to your tailpipe, and drive it through an emissions testing drive cycle. There's no way around it. If you fail, you have to get it fixed and pass, or prove you have spent a minimum (I think like $600) amount of money trying to fix it. Then you'll do it again the next year. Once you have your emissions test done, you can get registered. Since you're coming with an out of state title, you'll need to get your VIN verified as well before registration (one-time thing, once you get a Colorado title issued you're set forever). They'll do that at the AirCare station as well. Don't bother going to the BMV without going to AirCare first, and don't bother going to AirCare if your exhaust is catless - 0% chance you come out with a passing grade. Fix that first.

Shipping cars is a real crap shoot. Be careful with those quote websites. They are one of those referral type systems where the second you hit 'submit' with your phone number/email in the request fields your phone will explode. I made that mistake a few years ago and I was getting 20-30 calls and texts per day from various shippers trying. Insanity.



#3 2021-02-02 12:19:44

Registered: 2020-12-31
User Number: 47137
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Re: Good place for tune up in Denver?

I know this is old but The Subie Doctor is a great place. The guys there are great and just huge subbie enthusiasts themselves. My sister and dad have both brought their Outbacks there and had good success. I haven't had a need to go but they have said they will gladly work on my Aero, when it is needed.



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