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#1 2020-04-30 14:44:02

From: san francisco, ca
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I suspect a spun bearing.

A couple of days ago I reinstalled my stromung shorty downpipe and reflashed the ECU to my prior STG2 open source tune using my Tactrix. I then test drove the car around and it felt great, but after redlining it banghead on the way home I noticed a clatter. It sounds like I spun a rod bearing. It still starts and runs well for now despite the noise - I was only half a mile from home when it started. I'm leaving it in the driveway for now. It's run strong for the past few years, but it has around 154k on it. Noticed there are a number of companies around here that sell low mileage JDM EJ205s for $750 - $1100. Any recommendations on local shops who can either do a rebuild or engine swap? I enjoy working on my car but doing the rebuild or swap myself is a bit beyond what I want to commit to at this point. I'm looking to just get it fixed for a low cost / reliability at this point, not really looking for an EJ207. Or should I just trade it in... sad

2005 Brilliant Red Aero 5MT (Sport) | STG2



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#2 2020-05-14 01:11:59

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Re: I suspect a spun bearing.

Bit late to the party but, having just gone through replacing an engine on my 2005 Aero, some advice -- if you like working on cars, go for the engine swap if you have:

- good tools
- good space to work on it
- good lighting (so many people under-plan good lighting)
- know how to manage a complex project
- an understanding wife / partner
- a spare car to drive
- sufficient funds to float the whole endeavour
- patience and a propensity to not go bat-shit crazy when things don't go as planned

I put a $700 ebay EJ205 in my $1k Aero and it's been flawless.  Most days I like the car more than my E60 M5.

Just check off the list and go for it!



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