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#1 2019-06-22 13:00:11

Saabaru 9-2X AERO 05 MT
From: Toronto, ON, Canada
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Selecting timing belt kit issue for Aero 2005. Aisin TFK-004

Hi. I own 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero 2.0T MT. It is time to change the timing belt once again. I was looking to get the complete kit with the water pump. One of the options is to buy one at rockauto. There were some mixed reviews about the Gates kits. So I am leaning towards the Aisin kits, particularly TFK-004. I couldn’t find much negatives on that brand. The problem is that it shows up only for wrx 2005 search. It’s not there for saaburu. When you click on the kit itself it states Impreza 04-11 and 9-2x only 2006. … +kit,16088

And on this pdf from Aisin for this TFK-004 kit states the same thing, it’s for wrx 2005-2007 2.5l engine and EJ255 2006 9-2x EJ257 2.7l engine!!! … -06-13.pdf

I know there can be some minor differences between 05 wrx and 05 aero, but I cannot see why a kit made for 05 wrx can’t fit 05 aero. Am I right? Is it safe to buy Aisin TFK-004 for my 05 aero? Or is there another model number?
Any other suggestions for timing belt kit?
Thank you.



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#2 2019-06-24 00:22:33

From: Long Island
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Re: Selecting timing belt kit issue for Aero 2005. Aisin TFK-004

Think of your 2005 aero as a 2005 wrx wagon, the only difference between them is the skin, mechanically they are exactly the same. I know there have been issues with Gates, in all fairness I have never had a problem with TCKWP328. I have that Gates kit on both my Aeros, on my STi swapped var I went with TCKWP328RB because of the racing belt and used a Subaru OEM tensioner. I’ve had the racing belt kit before on my first aero and never had an issue. I sold the car to a friend, he replaced the timing belt kit at 200,000 miles. He told me everything was still good, no blue belt dust anywhere, no bearing issues. On my desert silver car I swapped a jdm ej205 into I’m running a TCKWP328 kit, standard belt and the gates tensioner that came with the kit. I have 26,000 miles on that kit, so far so good.  The Aisin kit is not a bad choice, TKF-004 is the correct kit, you may have to get a longer bolt for the skinny idler. The longer bolt is for 2.5l usdm STi.

2005 satin gray metalic aero, sold. 06 wrx, adios!
2005 black aero, rescue project, jdm EJ205 avcs.
2005 desert silver aero, traded.
2002 bugeye, sedan, JDM STi ver 7 swapped.



#3 2019-06-25 08:30:43

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Re: Selecting timing belt kit issue for Aero 2005. Aisin TFK-004

I've got this kit that I'm not going to use. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. F&M available upon request.

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#4 2019-07-01 02:55:21

accept no substitutes
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Re: Selecting timing belt kit issue for Aero 2005. Aisin TFK-004

the Aisin stuff, from my research, is better quality than Gates anymore.
Gates started cheaping out and their stuff is all China quality now.
Whereas the Aisin parts seem to be made in Japan.
I *think* that Aisin is the actual manufacturer of the OEM water pumps, the casting appears the same except for the Fuji logo.

For a turbo Subaru (Saab 92x Aero included), I can't recommend anything but OEM or OEM quality on the timing components (water pump, water pump gasket, timing idlers, timing belt, timing tensioner).
The extra $150 or so compared to a cheaper option is well worth the peace of mind for revving higher and driving harder, and not having issues (plus mileage longevity).
Compared to a non-turbo motor would i would just throw whatever is available at it.

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