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#1 2018-09-23 14:35:09

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Considering a 2006 92x Aero stick shift with some issues?

The issues the seller is concerned with are "The starter and the spark plug are the maintenance issues I wanted to bring up. For the starter, it doesn't sound overly strong when turning the ignition on at times, especially after the car has not been used for several days - I believe this could be related to a slightly bumpy feel when idling. The check engine light is on due to a spark plug misfire that only affects 1/4 of the plugs, so has been an avoidable issue that doesn't affect the overall ride. " the car has 122k miles on top of those issues I beleive it needs the timing belt done and is also still on the original clutch. Do those issues seem manageable? Should i be considering this? The car looks pretty clean otherwise and I would love to have one. His asking price was $5k but is real open about negotiating a deal that takes into accont the issues ... so maybe as low $3k

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#2 2018-09-24 08:30:39

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Re: Considering a 2006 92x Aero stick shift with some issues?

Weak starting is usually due to a dying battery. The dying battery could be because it is old and/or there is a current leak in the car. especially if the the car has lots of aftermarket electrical equipment fitted.

The lumpy idling is due to the misfire or bad plug.

You need to check for corrosion in the rear wheel wells and shock towers.

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#3 2018-10-30 11:58:04

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Re: Considering a 2006 92x Aero stick shift with some issues?

Usually these motors have the "important" maintenance done on schedule like timing belt and clutch, but all the other little things get overlooked, for example PCV hoses, spark plugs, boost/vacuum lines, knock sensor, front O2 sensor, MAF sensor, cam/crank oil seals, valve cover gaskets, etc.
So the engine probably needs an overhaul to fix all the issues and make it fresh and running good again.
I really enjoy doing it because then you know everything is done and the car won't need anything beyond normal maintenance for a long time
so factor that into the price, that once they get over 100k they really need the engine out for an overhaul/reseal



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