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#1 2018-04-25 11:27:16

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Possible modifications, but mainly Lift-off Oversteer? Understeer?

Hey fellow AutoX junkies/ track go-ers!

The Z wonít be close to finished this season so Iíve been out testing AutoX courses with the Aero... not smart for a daily I know, but really not that bad either obviously. I recently spun off the track, more than once, 2 and 4 wheels, for the first time in my career! The course that day was rigorous but it also increased  suspicion I had from previous drives, does my Aero have oversteer problems?

As I understand the comparable Impreza wagons come with understeer thatís hard to shake off. I also know Saab ďtunedĒ the same  suspension components they put in their badge versions. I believe that means lighter metals, shaved unnecessary weight, more comfortable ride, tightened/ loosened a few things etc. but all in all pretty much the same. I havenít ever owned a Subaru nor have I driven one like this using a suicide knob either.

My question is, am I supposed to have understeer? It sure doesnít feel like it. And maybe itís my driving, maybe I start to get an inkling of the cars nature to understeer but correc so fast and violently I cause take-off oversteer, but I feel like it shouldnít be so easy.

Thank you for any input, I hope this is the right place to post my quest tion!
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#2 2018-04-25 14:45:55

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Re: Possible modifications, but mainly Lift-off Oversteer? Understeer?

I've been ice racing my 9-2x for the last two years, prior to that I used a WRX wagon for five years (and many other WRX sedans before that). These conditions exacerbate any balance issues with a car and make subtle changes in setup really apparent. IMO these cars are extremely similar in behavior, they plow in stock form. Add a bit more rear swaybar, things balance out. Lift off the gas hard at corner entry (or add braking) and things start to rotate nicely.  Depending on your alignment and tire pressures you can add in significant oversteer to a stock car. Even a broken swaybar endlink would have a noticeable effect.



#3 2018-04-25 15:04:53

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Re: Possible modifications, but mainly Lift-off Oversteer? Understeer?

The 'Saab tuning' of the suspension was limited to softer struts and firmer springs, IIRC. The change was minimal at best, and unnoticeable at worst. The car was also heavier than the equivalent Impreza wagon mostly due to additional sound deadening on the floor and in the doors.

My Aero never was an oversteering car, except on snow. All other instances of at-the-limit driving would provoke understeer, if not utterly neutral behavior. I never did Auto-X, but got quite good at oversteering in the snow; so I knew what the car felt like just as it lost grip in the rear. I never experienced that on pavement in 120k miles of driving.

Do you know the history of your car? I'd guess that someone has swapped out the rear swaybar to a FHI 20mm, or something aftermarket and bigger/stiffer.

EDIT: I just read your intro thread and see you have a 4EAT car. Due to the nature of the 4EAT vs. 5MT, I would guess your VTD-center-diff-equipped car would be quicker to transfer power rearward than the viscous 5MT center diff. This might also be contributing to the understeer to snap-oversteer you're getting, especially if the car downshifts mid-corner/just after you control the understeer and get back on the gas.

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#4 2018-04-25 17:26:40

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Re: Possible modifications, but mainly Lift-off Oversteer? Understeer?

Lift off oversteer is fun if you expect it.  I like to use it scare the crap out of first time riders on long sweepers smile
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