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Nissan / PlayStation Gran Turismo Competition

A few weeks ago a friend and fellow Lotus track rat spent a few days coaching Ryan Lynch, the US finalist of the PlayStation Gran Turismo competition, around High Plains Raceway. Last night he sent out the results of the race at Silverstone. The final race did not go well for Ryan, but he still managed to impress the judges and will be racing for Nissan. Below is the letter my friend sent out.


As some of you know a few weeks ago I connected with Ryan Lynch who had just finished in the top 6 PlayStation Gran Turismo players in the country as part of Sony and Nissan's annual GT Academy competition.  It's a national talent search based around the video game.  After several rounds it concludes on one of the worlds greatest racetracks, in this case Silverstone.  When I met Ryan 3 weeks ago he'd never driven a car on a track before. He was fortunate enough to have lined up 3 days at HPR so he could get some experience and rented a 370z to train in.

On our first day together he was already pushing the 370z to the point of brake failure resulting in a pretty ass clinching off.  As luck has been with Ryan through this entire experience Mike Pederson was on hand and in true Mike tradition offered to let Ryan, who he'd known only minutes, take his Rx8 for the final 2 days.  I've always believed that sim racing teaches real world skills and Ryan hammered that point home as he was easily the best first timer I'd ever coached.

I'm thrilled to share that I just spoke with Ryan who just returned home as the US GT Academy Champion!  While he didn't win the final race the judges were so impressed that the president of Nissan USA took him aside after the competition to tell him "you're coming to race with us".

Ryan (copied here) doesn't have a lot of details about what's in store for him next, it'll likely be training here in the States or back to England to train on Silverstone.  He's also most likely secured himself a seat driving in the 24 Hours of Dubai!  To say I'm proud of and incredibly thrilled for Ryan is a massive understatement!  And yes, more than a little jealous!

While that final race was heartbreaking it seems the judges could see through it and reward him appropriately.  After starting in P2 he quickly earned 1st place only to over cook the next corner and drop 5 seconds behind the field.  After running down P4 over the next 5-6 laps the brake rotor and wheel hub assembly sheared apart ending his race.  You can see the pain on his face at the end of the video below.

In the future there will be a full show made from the various competitions Ryan was involved with but they've already posted the final race on YouTube.  The link is below and it's worth the ~14 minutes.

Please everyone join me in congratulating Ryan on his amazing accomplishment.  To think less than a month ago he was playing a video game in his underwear and now he's a Nissan Racing Driver is nothing short of amazing.  Ryan my friend you did it and I'm sure everyone will join me in congratulating you on the huge opportunity and journey ahead!!

Here's the link to the race, while it's heartbreaking to watch knowing the silver lining that came from it changes everything.  Ryan please keep us all in the loop as you know more about what's in store for you.

Huge congratulations Ryan, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I wish you continued success in the new journey you're beginning!


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