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#1 2014-08-05 19:24:36

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Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

Just purchased a 2005 9-2x Aero with 180,000 miles on it. I know it seems risky to purchase such a high mileage vehicle, but it was a one owner and meticulously maintained. I have always wanted a WRX since I was 16 and figure that even if I had to put a new motor into this car, I'd still be getting a WRX for way cheaper than if it had Subaru badges on it. What is with that? Name brand drive up the price? In my area of the country, if I found a 2005 WRX with 180,000 miles on It, it'd still be $9-10k and probably beat to crap by some kid...

Anyway... Couple of things I must ask. With these cars what are some things to watch for? I've read this engine is susceptible to engine slap and spun bearings. How can I tell when this is starting?

Something that I have to fix already is a evap purge valve that's tripping a check engine light. Anyone have a guide for doing this?

There is an 3.5mm auxiliary Jack in the car, but when I plug my Phone into it nothing plays. There is no source button on the radio so I have no idea how to switch to aux input.

The peizo chirp works intermittently and I've read that It's a common issue on these so I'll have to fix that too...

So much to do now that I've got this sweet ride! Sorry to be the newb coming in asking all these questions right out of the gate, but I hope you guys can help a brother out.  Thanks for any help!!!



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#2 2014-08-05 19:31:24

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

Just throw in the towel on the chirper, they are never long for this world smile
If you have a 2007 STI stereo it will say it can play MP3's on the front.  I would tell you the model number but I'm too lazy to go check mine.  If it is an 07 then the CD button doubles as the Aux.  If you have CD playing then plug in a source to the Aux and then press the CD button.
Any engine with any miles can develop a spun bearing or blown ringland.  Check your oil level every time you put gas in it and you'll be doing better than most.
I'd check Nasioc on the CEL, but it's a common one.
Don't forget to use the search function for your questions before you post.

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#3 2014-08-05 23:34:19

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

wheel bearings, cv boots, steering pump, alternator, check them things out.



#4 2014-08-05 23:50:30

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

Compression and leak down test to tell if your motor is good currently.  Avaryc listed some good ones, also check out valve cover gaskets.

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#5 2014-08-06 01:11:50

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

Thanks for the suggestions guys. One thing I've noticed about this car is the ease of access that you have to just about everything in the engine bay, save for things like head and valve covers. Makes home repair a lot more viable. Even for things like head gaskets, I'm happy to see that there is a plethora of guides and info out there for doing the work yourself.... A stark difference from my last vehicle and very comforting. Even for the issue of the evap purge valve. I inspected the valve and saw that one of the hose connections was broken off. Seems pretty easy to get to as far as taking off ancillary parts. Can't wait to get this baby into tip top shape.

An observation: I don't think many shops know that this is a re-badged WRX. A lot of them quoted me a fair price on labor, but 7-10 day waiting period for Saab parts. Am I correct in assuming that all the engine components are interchangeable with 2005 Subaru WRX parts? Thanks again for the support folks.

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#6 2014-08-06 03:06:52

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

arrow-up  you are correct. Just about ever maintenance/performance part is 100% Subaru as are most body panels aft of the A-pillar. Interior is 100% interchangeable with 05-07 except colors/fabrics.

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#7 2014-08-06 11:13:25

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Re: Brand New Saabaru owner! Many questions ;)

Also, keep an eye on the spark plug tubes and seals.
Check this thread for some useful info from several experienced users:

From what I understand oil in the spark plug wells is a common issue on Subaru engines.

Also, you may want to use German Castrol oil if you don't already, and if you can find it in your area:

Also, check this:

and this:

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