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#1 2021-08-23 12:27:50

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New Guy - I got one! 06 Aero 5MT

Hey gang - just wanted to drop in and say hey and introduce myself. I just picked up an 06 Aero 5MT from California and drove it back to Asheville, NC. 3,200 miles and the car is awesome! Definitely a Subaru (e.g. needs work) but the bones are strong and the car seems willing to live, so I'm going to try my best to keep it that way.

I've owned five other Subarus but none of them have been Imprezas or turbo. I really wanted a "real Saab" but didn't want FWD or a car from the 80s or a GM vehicle, so this really kind of fit the bill. I love the lightness and boooooooooooost. This car makes me drive like a 16-year-old again lol.

It needs a radiator and wheel bearings BAD. A couple of times, it tried to overheat while stopped but runs cool as a cucumber while moving. The radiator is visibly "sweating" and loses coolant way too fast. The wheel bearings are insanely loud. Oh, and it seems to need an air intake pump and it does make what I think is some throw-out bearing noise (there is a faint whistle when the clutch is disengaged that goes away when you press in the clutch).

This car was on Cars and Bids a while ago - I bought it from the folks that bought it off that site. Lots of solid engine work including ARP head studs. The poor thing has had a couple owners with short ownerships, so I'm calling it "Wolf" as it's clearly not the most house broken and trusting thing in the world lol. … -9-2x-aero

This is car four for me (I also have an H6 Outback and two Jeep Cherokee XJs) - I really want to make it my DD and leave it as stock as possible. Hoping to learn all the weird nuances about these things.

Thanks for reading and see ya on the forums.



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#2 2021-08-23 14:18:08

From: Texas
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Re: New Guy - I got one! 06 Aero 5MT

Welcome! Going to be a fun car in Ashville switchbacks.

I think there are a lot of people on Cars and Bids paying top dollar for 15 year old high-mileage Subarus, but to each there own.

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#3 2021-08-23 14:46:37

From: Arizona
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Re: New Guy - I got one! 06 Aero 5MT

Congrats and welcome to the forum!  driving

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#4 2021-10-06 15:32:02

From: Winnipeg - Canada
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Re: New Guy - I got one! 06 Aero 5MT

Congrats, i got the same one just a couple days ago. Yours looks way better though



#5 2021-11-16 07:28:57

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Re: New Guy - I got one! 06 Aero 5MT

Welcome!!  The wheels bearings are a known wear item because of the firm ride.  Don't slack on your cooling it immediately!!
Your lucky if you got a stick shift, they are rare!! I had a silver linear, I like silver...I got a red aero but no badges except Saab emblems after repaint.  I also got leather, heated seats and windshield wiper deicers front/back.  I like these better than the Impreza because they have a quieter cabin.



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