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#1 2021-07-22 14:57:22

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Gas Cap Holder (stole the idea, put it to use, with pictures)

I saw someone posted a link to a Subaru gas cap holder on this site, but being the cheap bastard that I am, decided to have one made for me.  My school has a few fancy 3-D printers (I'm a school teacher), so I approached a technology teacher about the possibility of having a student make one for me.  She ran with the idea, and made an end-of-the-school-year contest for one of her classes.  They spent a few weeks designing them (they could go out to the parking lot and take measurements when they had class), and when it was all done, they had about 12 different versions for me to test.  I spent part of two classes with them in the parking lot, testing each one (they numbered each holder so I couldn't show favoritism).  As I tried each one, we discussed their strengths and weaknesses, as well.  The only picture I have of the holders just shows a few (many of the ones not shown had those "fuzz/hair" bits you can see in the red one on the right).

The one I picked as the best is AWESOME.  It's very light weight, it fit in those gaps in the metal door perfectly (I did put some trim glue behind it so it wouldn't slide around), and the student who designed it put a tiny lip so that it slightly "clicks" into place when I slide my cap in; it fits so snugly that I would feel confident I wouldn't lose the cap driving around with the door open (and as I age and my memory keeps going, that may become a reality).

I ended up buying a huge sheet pizza for the class, so I spent more than I would have on a premade holder...but I have TWO Aeros, and the winner made me two, so I'm happy (the silver Aero has a lanyard on the cap, but it still was bothersome to gently lay it against the side of the car).  As well, the students got a good learning experience AND they had fun as well.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures (and here are my two beauties on the street - the license plates both have the letters JET which is kind of cool - but they just happened to be the letters they were giving out):

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#2 2021-07-22 17:38:37

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Re: Gas Cap Holder (stole the idea, put it to use, with pictures)

That's one of the cooler stories I've read on this site, and I have been here for fourteen years... eek

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#3 2021-07-23 02:22:29

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Re: Gas Cap Holder (stole the idea, put it to use, with pictures)

So lets get the 3d file for the item...  so we can get some printed ourselves smile

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#4 2021-07-23 10:15:54

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Re: Gas Cap Holder (stole the idea, put it to use, with pictures)

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing that.

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