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#1 2021-01-30 19:52:44

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How to diagnose airbag light and lack of power to side mirrors/cig etc

I have an '06 2.5i that is new to me. I'm running through its issues one by one. Now I am trying to figure out why the airbag light is on. Can anyone provide some guidance as to how to diagnose this issue? Some background: The previous owner removed the rear seating and built a camper bed platform back there instead. Someone who admittedly is not very familiar with these cars suggested that perhaps those rear seats has airbags built in and perhaps removing them caused a fault. I don't think this is the case, but perhaps some of you can provide some guidance. I'm not sure if its relevant at all, but I do another electrical issuer that I would like to get sorted and perhaps could be related: the power mirrors and cigarette lighter are not getting any power. I noticed those were both on the same fuse so I was hoping thats all that it was. No luck, the fuse was good. I see there are two seat warmer buttons that also have no power, though I'm not sure these cloth seats actually do have seat warmers. Can provide pics if it will help. Thank you, everyone.



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#2 2021-01-30 20:04:35

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Re: How to diagnose airbag light and lack of power to side mirrors/cig etc

The previous owner could have detached the power cables to the cigarette lighter and mirrors to use for other components that he installed for his camper modification and then he might have not plugged them back in when he took those components out. If you haven't, check behind the central console to see if the cigarette lighter is plugged in to a power source. Not sure where the cables go for the mirrors and seats but there are wiring schematics out there.

The cold weather package was available for cloth seat 9-2xs, which makes me very happy driving in Michigan winters in my heated-cloth-seated Saabaru.

The airbag light could be because of the Takata airbags that GM installed in a ton of cars in the time period and then had to put out a recall for. If you haven't already, check your Carfax to see if this was ever done. … a-airbags/

Congrats on the saabaru!

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