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#1 2020-09-10 16:27:15

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2006 Aero Flywheel

Newbie question.

I recently bought a 2006 Aero (thanks again for making it happen Deliverator!) and managed to blow the clutch pretty quickly. Unfortunately I was 400 miles from home at this point in a town with only one auto-shop and had to leave it there for a few weeks until they could look at it (tow was prohibitively expensive, the town is full of tourists with car problems).

The shop finally got back to me and quote me a pretty high price on the fix. There seem to be a few reasons but one of them is the flywheel. I had heard the Aero had a stock single flywheel from quite a few Saabaru people but the VIN apparently brings up a double-mass in the mechanic's database, as does a search for the 2006 WRX.

Does anyone on here know for sure which type it takes? Is this something that changed between the '05 and '06?



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#2 2020-09-10 16:48:56

From: Centennial, CO
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Re: 2006 Aero Flywheel

I'd recommend having the stock one resurfaced at NAPA or similar instead of buying new. Afaik it's still the original part and hasn't been resurfaced yet.

And if you do go new, I'd recommend oem subaru and not aftermarket (lightweight flywheels can cause CELs, and I'm too old and cranky to think that's worthwhile). Strongly recommend a stock clutch, too, as you'd almost certainly rather toast a clutch than start breaking things in the tranny. And the tires you've got are more than sticky enough that traction won't be the weak link.

Thread about resurfacing 06 flywheel: … ?t=1346156

Unabomber's clutch & flywheel faq: … ?p=9878792

And like we talked about via text, imho it's worth spending a bit to get it home to have it worked on locally. You will come out ahead in terms of speed and quality of service vs. a remote shop that thinks they've got you over a barrel.



#3 2020-09-11 01:05:17

From: Long Island
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Re: 2006 Aero Flywheel

Take his solid advice.

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#4 2020-09-11 08:12:26

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Re: 2006 Aero Flywheel

He could tow it to a subie friendly shop near the cut throat place.

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