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JDM ej203 into a 06 92x linear

Hey guys, my name is Damian, this is my first post and after reading through the existing threads i couldnt really find a swap like that on a 06. Long story short I bought my first car a 06 92x linear with around 250'000km. Shortly after i started to have missfires and after a obd2 check it turns out my cylinder 4 was not firing properly. After being under the hood for a good amount of the day i noticed that I had a leaky valve cover gasket that was "drowning" the sparkplugs and causing them to misfire. Tried doing the seal myself and couldnt get some of the seized bolts to come off. Then i changed the sparkplug wires and sparkplugs but after trying to get the old sparkplugs out realized that the previous owner that called himself a "mechanic" installed the wrong size (too long) and one of the ended up snapping in half inside the head. After all this I though about an ej203 swap since they are rarely available and they have around 70'000 km. Do you guys have any knowledge about this topic? Do i need to swap any sensors over or is it even worth it getting the JDM ej203 or rather pick up a used 253 out of kijiji?
Thank you for your time

06 92x linear with a lot of problems lol



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