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#51 2017-08-03 13:23:15

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Re: Tesla Model III

ikbrown wrote:

cjaama wrote:

I put off reserving one and put it off and put it off.  Finally just did it...twice.  First time with paypal, which the Tesla site said didn't go through.  I trusted it and paid by credit card.  Both went through.
It's been rumored that GM is going to kill the Volt (terrible decision IMO).  I wouldn't mind a Bolt as a next car, but they're pretty meh looking.

I read different about the Volt - that they were going to redesign into a crossover for the next generation. Cuz... Americans love their crossovers.

Yes, I did read this after I posted.  I'd love a crossover or SUV with the Voltec powertrain.  It's such a great thing, I have no idea why they don't sell a handful of cars using it. The hybrid Malibu apparently uses part of it and it's supposed to be pretty sweet.

hammyt wrote:

I mean my parents have a Volt and it's awesome for them, it has cut down on their fuel costs substantially.  But the car is fucking ugly and has weird ass visibility from the drivers position for no reason besides to look different.

Go to hell!
Jk. I love my gen 2, but don't find it particularly attractive or ugly, aside form the cheap plastic chrome grilles.  I like the black ones on the Cruze much better.  I tried dipping them, but still wasn't really satisfied with the result.  I really liked the unique design of the gen 1.
The lack of rear visibility drove me nuts at first, but then I got used to using the side mirrors for most stuff and the camera while backing.  The gen 1 had a glass hatch which allowed you to see out the back. I have no clue why they discontinued it.

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